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La Noche en Bici

Madrid being, of course, de marcha every night of the year, with Fridays/Saturdays/holidays reaching a near-frenzy that I am beginning to find unpleasantly forced, there is nothing compelling about ten times the usual number of people on the streets. But with La Noche en Blanco there’s a significant difference: nearly all of downtown is closed to traffic. This, my friends, was worth experiencing, and this year R. and I did it the smart way: by bike. It undoubtedly won’t be long before most European capitals close their historic downtown areas to traffic completely, and what a boon that will be to cyclists. La Noche en Blanco by bike meant we probably saw three or four times as many things in the same time and could easily circle back to the things worth re-visiting throughout the night.
This year was not as inspired as last — no fields full of shining lights and no repeat of the tightrope walker who was very sadly weathered out last year. The Matadero ended up being a good place to hang out, with a Christo-reminiscent work by Marlon de Azambuja plus a Flying Grass Carpet as a crash pad in front of the concert stage. Here’s a pic of yours truly dancing in tangerine.


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