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Main Street Madrid

It was probably a category error to have entitled my last post Madrid Movida because things are shaping up to be way more intense this weekend. The celebrations around the hundredth anniversary of Madrid’s Gran Vía are combined with the fete of Madrid’s local patron saint, San Isidro, whose day is tomorrow, May 15th. I experienced some of this last year, as I moved into my house, two blocks from Parque San Isidro, at the end of April. Two days ago they erected a Ferris wheel (as I write at my disk in front of a window overlooking the patio, I can see the wheel turning over the rooftops on the next block).

Regarding movida, here’s what I’m looking at. DocumentaMadrid started May 7th and continues through Sunday the 16th, with the prize-winning films having just been announced. It’s my contention that it’s best to just wait till the final weekend and attend the screenings of the prize-winners. Otherwise one risks seeing a lot of very indifferent documentaries. There are two exceptions: when one recognizes a favorite director or missed something critical from the Berlinale (last year, for example, the excellent Defamation and this year, the very nice Budrus which I was just able to screen). I’m going to time it so that I hit Gran Vía tomorrow night just as they block traffic and unfurl the kilometer-and-a-half-long carpet as advertised.

UPDATE: Pictures inserted of Gran Vía covered in blue carpet, in reference, presumably, to the saying De Madrid al cielo, as well as Parque San Isidro on the big saint’s night, May 15th.


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