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The Winner/El Ganador: Ruedatape y Algo Más (ceviche ecuatoriano)

The city of Madrid is billing it as the Primera Ruta Multicultural de la Tapa. There are 31 venues, each with a special tapa on offer. Tonight (the first) was a good start; already I’ve won a coupon for a free tapa. However, by 10 PM some of the places had run out, so tomorrow it’s probably best to start a bit earlier, especially as it’s the weekend. I’ll keep a running summary of the places I visited here in this post along with my rankings (1 lowest to 5 highest).

Day I:
Museum Café y Más, Calle Argumosa (sushi): 2 stars
Alma Café, Calle Santa Isabel (tabouli): 3 stars
Automático, Calle Argumosa (salmorejo con bacalao): 4 stars

Day II:
La Chulapa, Calle Dr. Fourquet (pelota sorpresa): 2 stars
La Casa de las Tostas, Calle Argumosa (payés de jamón): 3 stars
Il Morto Che Parla, Calle Salitre (macha a la parmiggiana): 3 stars

Day III:
Ruedatape, Calle Miguel Servet (ceviche de camarón): 5 stars
Achurri, Calle Argumosa (kepe con tapenade): 4 stars
La Taberna Encantada, Calle Salitre (pisto encantado): 4 stars

Day IV:
La Inquilina, Calle Ave María (papas con mojo): 3 stars
Maisha, Calle Argumosa (pantaras de pollo y verdura): 2 stars
Lamiak, Calle la Rosa (bakalao ajorriero): 3 stars

Day V:
Alabanda, Calle Miguel Servet (volcán alabanda): 3 stars


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