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Tapapiés is Back!

A few nights ago I was remembering Tapapiés, last year’s gourmet tapas festival that offered a very nice alternative to the usual slab of crappy ham on a slice of baguette or overly mayonaisey potato salad you get at most bars. Since I hadn´t heard anything, I figured the 2011 event (see here) was a one-time thing. Today I was walking down through Lavapiés and saw the signs again; it started yesterday, which made me so happy that I immediately revised my dinner plans and managed to hit 4 places. As before, I´ll keep a running tally of what I sample through to the end (Oct. 28th) and then let you know my personal favorite.

Day I
La Inquilina (Calle Ave María): Ovni Noruego — 4 stars
La Grândola (C. Sombrerete): Pesto ao Bomfim — 3 stars
El Rincón Guay (C. Embajadores): Empanada Colombiana — 3 stars
Lamiak (C. de la Rosa): Bacalao Ahumado — 3 stars

Day II
Benteveo (C. Sta. Isabel): Mini-Lomito — 4 stars
Parrondo (C. Sta. Isabel): Langostino Kadayif — 4 stars
Alma Café (. Sta. Isabel): Canasta Griega — 3 stars

Fántastico (C. Argumosa): Pincho Babel — 3 stars*
Maisha (C. Argumosa): Beef Masala — 4 stars
Donner Kebap Argumosa: Samosa — 2 stars

Day IV
Teatro la Victoria (C. Sta. Isabel): Tinga — 3 stars
Eucalípto (C. Argumosa): Causa Limeña — 4 stars**
Ruedatape (C. Miguel Servet): Arroz con Pollo — 2 stars

Day V — the newly reinauguerated Mercado San Fernando which now has an organic/bio focus
Komoenkasa: Carrillada con setas — 3 stars
La Republicana: Tamalito + Pisco con canela — 4 stars
La Huerta del Sol: Abejas que Aman Ovejas — 2 stars (but this takes the prize for the most creative title)

*I won a free tapa here!!
**One of these stars is for serving the tapa on a paper plate instead of plastic as so many are doing.


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