Sunny Sexy South
Why life is more fun closer to the equator

About Zoë León

GRINGA ON THE RUN FROM BUSH & CO. [Q: Does this include Obama?]
I think if I’d been given the choice I would have chosen the name Zoë, which I’ve combined with the first place I lived outside of my country (in Nicaragua, not Spain). I’m now on to my third city/country, with Berlin being the unexpected interlude that refuses to let go. Overall I am beginning to think that my life is destined to be composed of a series of strangely disjointed episodes…
Egyptian Klimt


One Response to “About Zoë León”

  1. Hola Zoe,
    Came accross your blog looking for owb post entry in for Tapapíes,
    Great blog,nice to see we are on your blogroll,will return the gesture.

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