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Eating Madrid #6: South of the Border

April 14, 2013

For some time, I’ve been meaning to rave about a Mexican hole-in-the-wall taco joint called Mi Ciudad that my dear friend R., who is Spanish-Mexican, introduced me to a couple of years ago. The original site at Calle Fuentes 11 expanded to Calle Hileras 7; both are just south of Ópera. To me, the best […]

Tapapiés is Back!

October 18, 2012

A few nights ago I was remembering Tapapiés, last year’s gourmet tapas festival that offered a very nice alternative to the usual slab of crappy ham on a slice of baguette or overly mayonaisey potato salad you get at most bars. Since I hadn´t heard anything, I figured the 2011 event (see here) was a […]


October 20, 2011

The Winner/El Ganador: Ruedatape y Algo Más (ceviche ecuatoriano) The city of Madrid is billing it as the Primera Ruta Multicultural de la Tapa. There are 31 venues, each with a special tapa on offer. Tonight (the first) was a good start; already I’ve won a coupon for a free tapa. However, by 10 PM […]

Eating Madrid #5

October 18, 2011

Something special is happening at the end of this month in Lavapiés. It’s a one-euro tapas crawl which they’re calling Tapapiés. I’ve got my eye, as usual, on the immigrant food. This photo is of a tabouli that Alma Café is offering. Then Chez Farida will have a lamb couscous and Maisha will do Indian […]

Eating Madrid #4

August 7, 2011

Eating out for me in Madrid, as in Berlin, is mainly about immigrant cuisine. Prepared food can be quite a bit more expensive in Madrid than Berlin, I’d say by a factor of as much as two. Berlin’s a strange case, there’s no doubt; even though Spain is in such terrible economic shape, Berlin restaurants […]

Mejillones à la Tabasco

October 9, 2010

I’ve been neglecting this blog terribly as I was busy much of September having a blast in Berlin, where I managed to neglect my Berlin blog equally as well. Given that nothing reflects more clearly than the Internet how short our modern attention spans have become, it’s no surprise my blog hits dropped by half […]

Risotto à la Madrileña

October 7, 2010

R. and I have a new culinary creation. Being the risotto expert, he was in charge of properly frying and hydrating it (which generally involves at least 45 minutes of constant stirring). I took charge of the creative end, suggesting a mixture of shrimp, setas and asparagus. At the very end after R. dumped in […]

May Means Paella Popular

May 26, 2010

One of the very nicest Spanish customs has got to be paella popular, where traditionally up to hundreds of people — essentially anyone who shows up — are fed from a huge paellera pot prepared over a bonfire. This still happens, and May tends to be the best month as I’ve been informed that when […]

Eating Madrid Part III

March 18, 2010

Where Berlin is for the Turkish, Madrid is for the Moroccans, although sadly the latter can’t begin to compare to the former’s extreme gastronomic success. This is, as I stated earlier, because Spanish people love their cuisine and Germans know that theirs, aside from the regions bordering Italy, is total crap.  Still, if you look […]

Eating Madrid Part II

March 11, 2010

I didn’t know about the Mercado San Miguel as it was being renovated when I first moved to Madrid in April of 2008.  But last June I happened to walk by and saw a lovely iron-frame glassed market.  Investigating, I found it had been re-opened in May.  Since then it’s become a bit of a […]