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Tapapiés is Back!

October 18, 2012

A few nights ago I was remembering Tapapiés, last year’s gourmet tapas festival that offered a very nice alternative to the usual slab of crappy ham on a slice of baguette or overly mayonaisey potato salad you get at most bars. Since I hadn´t heard anything, I figured the 2011 event (see here) was a […]

Madrid in Flames

March 29, 2012

Today’s general strike started out promisingly with this picture taken at sunrise this morning from the window of our flat near the Ronda de Atocha by Chema, a real live Spanish anarchist who’s my new housemate. Here’s Sol during the main mobilization in the afternoon. It was a respectable turnout but lacking any of the […]

All Roads Lead to Sol

July 25, 2011

That’s why they call it Kilómetro Cero. On Saturday night hundreds of marchers celebrated the end of their journeys as they poured into the Puerta del Sol from all points of the compass, having marched some 600, 700, even 800 km over the last month or more in the burning Spanish summer.The press has taken […]

¡Democracia Real Ya!

June 4, 2011

On my way to Berlin earlier this week I wrote an update of the previous week’s events in Madrid. First of all, here’s a picture of mine at the Puerta del Sol during the protest on Friday afternoon, May 27th, after the Barcelona police violently attacked protesters there and cleared the Plaza Catalunya. I took […]

Nobody Expects the Spanish Revolution

May 24, 2011

Although I’ve sorely neglected this blog in the last half year, due to a great deal of travel to Berlin, France and California, I certainly can’t let what’s happening in Spain go by without comment. So here are excerpts of an Email I sent to my dear ones abroad, interspersed with photos I took Sunday […]

Main Street Madrid

May 14, 2010

It was probably a category error to have entitled my last post Madrid Movida because things are shaping up to be way more intense this weekend. The celebrations around the hundredth anniversary of Madrid’s Gran Vía are combined with the fete of Madrid’s local patron saint, San Isidro, whose day is tomorrow, May 15th. I […]

Madrid’s Best-Kept Secret

March 21, 2010

It would seem I’ve become addicted to the Auditorio Nacional de Música up by Avenida de América.  Do people even realize that there’s a first-class European philharmonic hall in Madrid?  Last fall I saw an excellent production of Holst’s The Planets with full choir.  During R.’s recent visit, we saw Haydn’s The Seasons, directed by […]

La Noche en Bici

September 24, 2009

Madrid being, of course, de marcha every night of the year, with Fridays/Saturdays/holidays reaching a near-frenzy that I am beginning to find unpleasantly forced, there is nothing compelling about ten times the usual number of people on the streets. But with La Noche en Blanco there’s a significant difference: nearly all of downtown is closed […]

TONIGHT: Madrid’s Fourth Noche en Blanco

September 19, 2009

I’m currently in Valencia for the first time as I never made it here in the 15 or more years since I starting coming to Spain. It’s a pity as I think I’ve found close to the perfect town. It may be the place for me when I finally get ready to slow down a […]

Who’s This Guy Sorolla?

August 23, 2009

I’d never heard of Sorolla before I noticed, earlier this summer, the Prado’s extremely well-advertised exhibit. He looked to me like an uninteresting version of the French impressionists, and I had no intention of paying 10 euros to get in, when the rest of the Prado is free from 6 – 8 PM every afternoon. […]